Suzy Meyer


7 Minutes of Critical Thinking on Gun Control…..Nick Freitas, VA State Delegate

By on March 16, 2018

I’m so glad I stumbled onto this video, from March 2, 2018. Finally, a voice of reason coming from a politician who’s using reason, rhetoric, and brain power.

What I…

At Home in the Real World EXCERPTS

Secure Your Property: Think Like a Predator

By on March 9, 2018
When it comes to making your home secure, it helps to think like a bad guy. Here's an excerpt from my book, to help you get started....
CM Health

My 6 Top Essential Oils for Cold and Flu Season

By on February 23, 2018
It's really great to have strong medicine with no ill side effects; are flexible in their application; and effective. To prevent getting sick: I inhale essential oils next to my nose; diffuse them into a room, and apply them to my feet.

Home Defense If You’re Disabled or Have Limited Mobility

By on February 2, 2018
At the Monroeville Gun Show: 5 of the 9 people who bought my book, were 60-75 years of age; a few had mobility issues (2 were wheelchair bound, 1 walked with a cane). Each well understood their vulnerabilities. And they were looking for tools to meet their needs for home and self defense based on what they could physically do. That's a very sound approach.

Bam!…..Heal, Regenerate & Realign!

By on January 19, 2018
I hurt myself. And I'm getting better with the help of an incredibly caring and affordable chiropractor. Hold on, don't turn the page.... Did you know that the 2 topmost vertebrae hold your brain stem in place, and when properly set in place, can elevate your mood and improve brain signals significantly?