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My 6 Top Essential Oils for Cold and Flu Season

By on February 23, 2018

I’m working downstairs, while Joe’s upstairs with a nasty cold. I wear this into his room, and put it on occasionally downstairs.

We just came back from 8 days in Mexico. Traveled in flu seaon, in tightly sealed airplanes, and endured long layovers in 3 airports, each way. The exposure to disease vectors was pretty high. Yet our priority was to arrive at our conference upbeat and energetic. With that intent, we each wore kerchiefs dotted with essential oils on our round-trip flights.

Unfortunately, upon our return home,  Joe came down with a nasty cold. (Maybe from lack of wearing his mask, or the stress of travel, or sitting next to across from a sick kid for 4 hours?)

3 Ways I Use Essential Oils in Cold & Flu Season

It’s really great to have strong medicine with no ill side effects that are flexible in their application and effective. To prevent getting sick: I inhale essential oils next to my nose; diffuse them into a room, and apply them to my feet.

Against the Face: I’ll typically  take 3 oils (Immune Strength, Peppermint, and Lavender, for instance) and put about 2 drops of each onto a kerchief  and tie it loosely to my nose. In fact i put the EOs down around my chin / mouth area so it’s not so strong. The strength of the smell will dissipate over time. I top them up about every 4 hours. When traveling, I keep my kerchief in a Ziploc bag when not using it to preserve the smell, and not bother other people. How it works: many essential oils (EOs) are excellent anti-bacterials and anti-virals, They can nullify them upon contact. (Portable).

Diffused in a Room: contagious airbornes are decreased, and the ‘sick room’ smells fresh. (Room based).

On the Feet: Amazing. I do this a few days before travel or visiting friends in flu season, by putting several drops  on each foot, rubbing in from toes to heel. I do this before bed so the oils are well absorbed.How it works: active ingredients in these oils (terpenes, etc.) are taken up into cells and boost one’s immune system at the cellular level. (Room based).  Sometimes, I put drops onto the felted wool insoles that I stick inside my winter boots. (Portable).

Do Essential Oils Work ?

I love this diffuser, it’s simple, elegant, and works well. There’s no intermittent dispersal, but a turn of the knob controls volume of oil aerosol emitted. From

In my experience of 7 years, Yes.  But they can’t take on all one’s ills, like stress, overindulgence, fatigue, or dehydration, which can happen daily or when traveling.

I’ll write more about the use of essential oils, because I love that their plant based, smell good, and have solid science behind them. I use EOs in a lot of ways, even on my dogs to keep fleas and ticks off during woodland walks. I even flavor cocktails and dishes with them!

Oils Pictured in Main Photo, from L to R:

Immune Strength (many marketers of essential oils carry a blend for immune boosting. Young Living has Thieves, nearly equivalent to this one). Oregano oil, not great smelling but strong against viruses. I put Oregano Oil (read #10) on the bottom of one foot, and Immune Strength on the other, before bed). Tea Tree oil. Ceylonese Cinnamon Leaf–intense cinnamon,! 1 spray will do. When I was reading about ridding any leftover spirochetes from having had Lymes disease, I came upon this particular brand. (That article is not linked). Peppermint, all-around preventative and breath freshener, I always have one in the car! Lavender is a loved oil for most people, it does a lot and is a booster for many oils. I don’t love the smell, but respect its functionality. Not Shown: Lemon. Internally, with water it’s a helpful detox. On a bandana, it’s a good friend.   (Be sure to scroll down on each link to learn about each oil).

Here’s to you and your very best well being !

Suzy Meyer, Author
Pittsburgh, PA

I'm a landscape architect, gardener, and of late, a certified NRA instructor. I enjoy practicing T’ai Chi, playing bocce, and walking through watersheds.. This blog is my journey full of learning curves to calm the chaos.


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