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Tally Ho! Superfood Snack

By on June 17, 2017

The quality of snacks matters a lot! How do I define snacks? It’s easy to say what they aren’t: candy, candy bars, sugar-laden protein bars, sweet fruit-laden protein drinks, and doughnuts and bagels, for starters.

Snackless & Unhappy

The other day I attended a Ladies Day Shoot. I wanted exposure to the different guns they had lined up that day. When I arrived, I learned it was going to be a full 8-hour day. Drat! I didn’t bring a snack. And I didn’t eat a big egg-y breakfast.

Four hours into it, while on the pistol range, my mood declined and hands began to shake. Shooting at 25 yards with a target pistol, I hit the 14” paper, barely. My blood sugar was going south… The lunch bell finally sounded. Let’s just say, I walked with purpose to the lunch hall!


Superfood include: coconut oil, cacao powder, chia seeds, Chaga and Cordyceps mushrooms, and ginger. Best part: they taste great together!

Food is Important

Real food that’s long on protein and good fats supports blood sugar levels, and supplies a consistent calorie burn–just what active, thinking human bodies need.

You may think that protein bars and sugary drinks suffice. They don’t. Sugar and grain-based glucose-rocket foods don’t make for endurance. They pick you up fast, then dump you like a lead balloon. (Ever read the classic Sugar Blues?) Meat and/or good fats, still fuel our bodies, just like they’ve done for about 2 million years–think of it as the food we’ve evolved with.

Focus on Snacks

The best snacks pack fat, saturated fats, that’s the good stuff. If the idea of good fats sounds weird, then you’ll learn a lot by reading Nora Gedgaudus’ book, Primal Body, Primal Mind. Glean her blog, at a minimum, she’s one of the best out there. Learn what your brain and body need as a human being to function at peak levels. (I thought I knew a lot about food and nutrition until I read her book….)

Inspired by Nora’s recipe for her Nora’s Nut Ball Snackers (ingredients below)…I concocted my own, based on what’s in the pantry. It varies from batch to batch, but hey, that happens when one improvises. Joe & I like it a lot. Measure of success: it lasts 3 days in the fridge, max.

Today’s Batch….

Tomorrow, here’s what I’m taking with me when performance and alertness matters. (Admittedly, I’ll have to keep it in a cooler….)


Here I gently heat 1/3 cup of coconut oil and 2 Tbsp butter. I add water to give the chia seeds something to absorb. Next, ginger and salt, cacao powder, etc. I add mushrooms last and expose them to low, turned off heat. Taste and thicken. Pour into chilled silicone ice cube tray. Keep in fridge.

Calamity’s Tally Ho! Superfood Chocolate

Ingredients (organic when possible):

Coconut oil (a saturated fat of a long list of benefits to brain, skin, eyes, hair & internal functions)

Kerry Gold Butter (clean, deep yellow butter from happy grass-fed cows in Ireland)

Straight cacao powder (the source of chocolate; serious antioxidants)

Peanut butter (protein, flavor)

Chia seeds (high protein, high Omega-3 fatty acids, minerals)

Xylitol (low glycemic index sweetener made from birch trees)

Cordyceps and Chaga Mushrooms (long list of health, anti-cancer, and longevity benefits)

Cinnamon (taste and fat burning qualities)

Ginger (flavor and digestive)

Sea salt (96 minerals)

Optional:  Bee pollen, cacao nibs, goji berries, dehydrated blueberries…..Run with it!


Don’t go hungry when you can fuel your body and feed your brain !

May your calamities be averted,


Suzy Meyer, Author
Pittsburgh, PA

I'm a landscape architect, gardener, and of late, a certified NRA instructor. I enjoy practicing T’ai Chi, playing bocce, and walking through watersheds.. This blog is my journey full of learning curves to calm the chaos.


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