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By on January 19, 2018

I admit it….by late-November, I needed a break after publishing the book.  I felt sad this holiday season for the loss of family. And an accident befell me and challenged my mobility. The way I look at it, the Universe has a way of sidelining us, and gets us to slow down, gather ourselves, and hopefully emerge with a more positive light and healthier perspectives. I took this retreat as a gift–a calm opportunity to heal, renew energy, and express deep gratitude.

Heal the Mind, The the Body

The first part of my down time was one of reflection. One day as I sat quietly, still waters rose unexpectedly, crested my metaphysical dam, and broke it down. Suddenly, I was accessing and releasing long-accumulated emotional backlog, and dumping negative thinking. It was losing like 50 pounds in 50 minutes–unexpected and greatly appreciated!!

The second part was going through various modalities of physical healing. Massage therapy feels good and helps temporarily. Acupuncture at the right time is an internal game changer. Trigger point release is briefly and acutely painful but with significant results. What helped me the most, however (and at long last), is a chiropractor who possesses a gift for understanding me and my very own brand of misalignment. I’ll discuss him briefly….


A chiropractor who cares for true positive adjustments for each patient, more than his bottom line. He’s helping me tremendously. Mark DeFilippino, located on Brownsville Road in Pittsburgh, lives up to the true meaning of a ‘doctor’, which in Latin means ‘teacher’.

Hello Helpful Healer!

I’ve been to 8 chiropractors in my life, maybe more. None left a lasting impression. I always felt like a 15-minute interval, the one before the next interval who was queued up.

Then I met Mark DeFilippo in Pittsburgh. He saw me lay on a table as a volunteer at a seminar on knee pain that focused on trigger point therapy. 13 people attended. Mark came up to me afterwards, excited & agitated with his observation: while on the table, my one hip was up in the air, and both were badly rotated, up and down. He suggested I stop by his office. 3 days later I was in the door.

Did you know that in Latin, the word “doctor” means “teacher”? How many doctors take the time to care enough to deeply diagnose, carefully explain, point to charts, and strive to get you to understand the nature of your condition?  0, 1, 2 in your lifetime? Mark is a passionate teacher. That first day, I happened to have 2.5 hours to absorb what he was explaining and go with his chiropractic flow. Getting adjusted isn’t fun, but it’s effective and powerful.

I hate getting my neck cracked, but with Mark’s non-arrogant confidence and a compassionate method, I let him adjust my neck. 1C and 2C as it turned out. Bam! They kicked in! My my long-term sour mood turned sunny.

1c & 2c: The Headwater Connectors Between Brain and Body

Your brain stem sits on the first 2 vertebrae, 1C and 2C. Important supports to be sure!  If they’re out (to the left, right, or forward), everything on that nerve highway below is affected. And most of us are probably afflicted with misalignment in these topmost vertabrae, if not more.

If you sit at a computer 6-8 hours 5 days a week, you’re looking down. If you text or email or read books or watch YouTube on your phone an additional 4-8 hours a week, you’re looking down. You’re not looking straight ahead. Almost every ‘modern’ person goes thru their days looking downward more than straight ahead. Looking ahead is what you do when walking, running, observing nature, or talking to another human being. We evolved looking ahead, looking around, and moving. A lot. Which brings me to Sticky Wicket #2, my lower spine–the lumbar and sacrum region–didn’t budge at first. But it’s now improving with baby step adjustments, and exercise and more relaxed breathing.

Over the years, excessive sitting, stressing and not moving enough, got me into a heap of body trouble–namely, muscle deformation and misalignment. And I’m psyched to be turning that tide!


Your topmost vertabrae 1C & 2C literally hold up your brain stem. When these two are out (as they are on most computer and cell phone users), there can be interference with signals and information going to and from the brain. For me, this misalignment interfered with my happiness! In the hands of the right chiropractor (read on) the many angles of misalignment can be corrected, with time and willingness to not be super tight and let the correction take place.

Be Awesome, Again!

I said to self: “Self, it took you years to get in this pickle, it’s going to take time, diligent exercise, and new thinking to change it. For the better.

With my goal to progress in feeling and moving better, I go back to Mark and will continue to as needed, possibly for months. (His rates reflect his desire to help people heal. Extremely reasonable!) I will also continue with specific exercises and tai chi 5 days a week, for at least an hour. Things are opening up and good days are upon me, again!

PS  Mark DeFilippo, DC is an excellent drummer to boot, he plays with King Fez, great oud-fusive belly dance rock band. Brilliant stuff. All right here in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Suzy Meyer, Author
Pittsburgh, PA

I'm a landscape architect, gardener, and of late, a certified NRA instructor. I enjoy practicing T’ai Chi, playing bocce, and walking through watersheds.. This blog is my journey full of learning curves to calm the chaos.


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