Saved from Assault. Thanks to Smart Use & Fox Labs Pepper Spray

By on December 16, 2016

Vicky and Martine left Pittsburgh in September in a U-Haul busting at the seams. They were off to New Orleans, a city that could offer them what Pittsburgh no longer could: newness. My parting gift: 2 canisters of Fox Labs pepper spray.

Where You’re Not Supposed to Be

Three days later, they’d settled into their shared flat and started restaurant jobs. On Vicky’s fourth night, she left work around midnight, and started home. She was on foot, tired and wired, and accidentally turned down the wrong street, St. Claude Avenue. A thoroughfare of bad crime statistics. “Yeah, it’s pretty bad,” she said later,“I learned it’s where you don’t walk”.

Quickly, Vicky recognized her mistake and picked up her pace. In her hand she clutched a 1.5 oz. can of Fox Labs Mean Green Pepper Spray.

The Encounter

The hottest hand held pepper spray on the market. 5.3 million Scoville Heat Units, at a concentration of 6%. Includes a green marking dye.
To compare heat levels, a jalapeno pepper has a Scoville Heat Unit of 2,000-8,000.

In the dim light, a homeless guy whistled at her from across the street. As she plowed straight ahead, he crossed the street. He got close enough to slap her butt then grabbed her from behind. He tried to grope her as he began to pull Vicky into the shadows. In a very short span of seconds, she got really close to him…..and sprayed him in the face.

Down he went, hands to his face, screaming as she ran away.

Armchair Analysis

On her part, it was a brilliant deployment. She had the pepper spray in hand, before she needed it. She didn’t lose her cool and ‘freak out’. And she waited for maximum effect (or first opportunity) in the assault. And she prevailed.

The Facts

Vicky was scared for the two things: a) she thought she’d permanently damaged the guy; and, b) she thought she’d done something wrong. Neither are true.

First, pepper spray is a non-toxic, non-lethal self-defense tool. His skin may have felt like it was on fire, his eyes may have felt blinded, and his airways may have felt swollen–all temporary effects caused by the active ingredient in pepper spray, oil of capsaicin. (Especially potent in Fox Labs). Within 30 minutes, he’s very likely to have fully recovered, marked only with a green staining agent found in Fox Labs’ Mean Green line of sprays.

Second, pepper spray is sold and legal to use in Louisiana. Because she was assaulted, which is legally defined as “treated in a threatening manner that put her in fear of immediate harm”1, she had every right to defend herself with a weapon, and she had one, Fox Labs pepper spray.

Fox Labs Mean Green Pepper Spray. It’s what I carry when I walk the dogs in the woods or on riverfront trails. I keep a canister in my car too.

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Above map shows recent crime in a neighborhood of New Orleans. From interactive crime mapping service:

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