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4 Exercises to Power Up Your Fingers, Hands & Wrists

By on March 3, 2017

Bowling, rock climbing, gardening, martial arts, handgun shooting and opening pickle jars share all this trait: adequate finger, hand, and wrist strength that allows you to grip, pull, twist, support,…

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Re-set the Operating System! Health & Wellness 2017

By on December 30, 2016

I am no exception to the holiday binge and feast! This year though, certain events deepened the delving into stress, wine and foods both rich and comforting: the sadness of…

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Brothers, Jiu Jitsu & Unarmed Self Defense

By on November 25, 2016
When my oldest brother Kurt studied jiu jitsu, he passed his new ‘knowledge’ on to his siblings at home. I was probably seven when I learned to do a round house kick to the temple.