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Home Defense If You’re Disabled or Have Limited Mobility

By on February 2, 2018
At the Monroeville Gun Show: 5 of the 9 people who bought my book, were 60-75 years of age; a few had mobility issues (2 were wheelchair bound, 1 walked with a cane). Each well understood their vulnerabilities. And they were looking for tools to meet their needs for home and self defense based on what they could physically do. That's a very sound approach.

Learn to Shoot Handguns…Safely & Effectively !

By on January 28, 2017
As of last weekend, I'm certified to teach safe and effective use of handguns. Advice: Prevent home breaks-ins first ! And, know how to defend yourself !

Rose Wants a Gun for Home Defense

By on November 8, 2016
Without hesitation, I chose to help her because I know her temperament and abilities, her house, her neighborhood, and her Mom who’s in hospice care at home. I also know that she's implemented reasonable prevention measures to keep bad guys out. In short, Rose fits my profile of a safe and solid gun owner.
At Home in the Real World PREVENTION REVIEWS

See Through Solid Exterior Doors

By on September 30, 2016
If you have a solid exterior door, consider installing a wide-angle peep hole that lets you see a visitor’s face, a small package laying against the door....

Turn Your Welcome Mat Into a Lighthouse

By on September 1, 2016
Unlocked doors and windows are still the top two means for a bad guy to get into your home. Calamity May says: Don’t make it easy! Know when a stranger is outside your door!